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2008-23 Dodge Challenger Torch Combo Deal
Proudly made in USA with 100% USA sourced materials Derived from digitally scanned cad data for unmatched precision fit/quality Ready to install out of the box in a gloss black finish Optional painted GLASSSKINZ® come in all OEM factory paint codes plus satin black and matte black Marine grade abs is warp /fade resistant/UV stable and ...
Glassskinz512008-23 Dodge Challenger Torch Combo Deal

2008-23 Dodge Challenger Torch Combo Deal

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Gloss Black ABS
Gloss Black ABS
Satin Black SB | Cost of paint +$450.00
Matte Black MB | Cost of paint +$450.00
Maximum Steel AR | Cost of paint +$450.00
Granite Crystal PAU | Cost of paint +$450.00
Jazz Blue BX | Cost of paint +$450.00
Blue Streak CL | Cost of paint +$450.00
Tungsten DM | Cost of paint +$450.00
Sublime FB | Cost of paint +$450.00
Frostbite Blue Metallic FBM | Cost of paint +$485.00
Deep Water Blue GBS | Cost of paint +$450.00
Green With Envy GE | Cost of paint +$450.00
Melbourne Green GPL | Cost of paint +$525.00
Furious Fuchsia HP | Cost of paint +$525.00
Header Orange L4 | Cost of paint +$525.00
Granite PAU | Cost of paint +$450.00
Dark Charcoal PAV | Cost of paint +$450.00
Indigo Blue PBM | Cost of paint +$450.00
Blackberry PBV | Cost of paint +$450.00
Contusion Blue PBX | Cost of paint +$450.00
Hellraisin Purple PCD | Cost of paint +$700.00
Destroyer Grey PDN | Cost of paint +$450.00
Dark Titanium PDT | Cost of paint +$450.00
F8 Green PFQ | Cost of paint +$450.00
Green Go PGM | Cost of paint +$450.00
Plum Crazy PHG | Cost of paint +$525.00
Gold Rush PJB/VJB | Cost of Pain +$700.00
Hemi Orange PLC | Cost of paint +$525.00
B5 Blue PQD | Cost of paint +$450.00
High Performance Red PR3 | Cost of paint +$525.00
Inferno Red PRH | Cost of paint +$525.00
High Octane Red MRR/PRR | Cost of paint +$525.00
Bright Silver PS2 | Cost of paint +$450.00
Triple Nickel Clear Coat PSE/SSE | Cost of paint +$350.00
Stone White PW1 | Cost of paint +$450.00
White knuckle PW7 | Cost of paint +$450.00
Brilliant Black PXR | Cost of paint +$450.00
Yellow Jack PY4 | Cost of paint +$525.00
Redline RY | Cost of paint +$700.00
Billet Silver / Billet SC | Cost of paint +$450.00
Toxic Orange VG | Cost of paint +$525.00
Go Mango VP | Cost of paint +$525.00
Bright White W7 | Cost of paint +$450.00
Ivory WD | Cost of paint +$450.00
Phantom Black XT | Cost of paint +$450.00
Detonator Yellow YB | Cost of paint +$525.00
Pitch Black PX8 | Cost of paint +$450.00
Stinger Yellow YV | Cost of paint +$525.00



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CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.p65warnings.ca.gov
  • Proudly made in USA with 100% USA sourced materials
  • Derived from digitally scanned cad data for unmatched precision fit/quality
  • Ready to install out of the box in a gloss black finish
  • Optional painted GLASSSKINZ® come in all OEM factory paint codes plus satin black and matte black
  • Marine grade abs is warp /fade resistant/UV stable and can be buffed out to remove minor scratches/spider webbing
  • Genuine USA made 3M panel bond tape pre installed and pre tabbed for fast install (adhesion promoter 94 included)
  • Tested to NHTSA standards to not obstruct rearward vision
  • GLASSSKINZ® patented designs add dramatic head turning styling
  • Reduces interior fade/cuts down glare at night/does not rattle/no wind noise
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty / 6 month limited paint warranty
  • GLASSSKINZ® protected under six us patents. USA made quality
  • Torch Patent : US D904,254

If your looking for Challenger rear window louvers you have come to the right place! Glassskinz® manufactures the best! Dodge Challenger Window Louvers on the market! Made in USA quality with precision fit and marine grade ABS materials. The Glassskinz® 2008 to 2023 Dodge Challenger Rear Window Louvers come in two unique designs not found anywhere on the market! Both designs of Challenger Window Louver offer an aggressive low profile neck breaking design! Our Challenger back window louvers and side window louvers will give you the edge you need to win over the crowds on the street or at shows. "put the future behind you with Glassskinz® Dodge Challenger Rear Window Louvers . Patented under D904,254S and D843,902S

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Return Policy

Customer ReturnsAnchor

You may return a Glassskinz® that is non painted within 7 days of receiving your order and receive a refund of your costs as long as the merchandise is in fully resalable condition (no damage, no scratches, no wear and tear). EXCLUDES ALL Custom Painted Parts. Custom painted items have a no return policy. Please email [email protected] for an RMA (return merchandise authorization number).
All returns must have its original packaging with freight prepaid and insured. All returns will be assessed the industry standard 10%-35% restocking fee. Returns must be made within 5 days of "Return Authorization" date. Any returns must be noted with a full description on the front of the manifest or bill of lading in order to be recognized as valid along with RMA number written on the box. Reminder: Prior to any returns, customer must contact [email protected] OR 1-833-SKINZZZ

Item #
Unit of Measure
Country of Origin
Mfg. Warranty
Limited Lifetime Structural/Limited 6-month Paint


Do GLASSSKINZ® obstruct visibility?
No. We are the only rear window valence to have passed the NHTSA rear view visibility testing. From the outside it gives the illusion that it cannot be seen through, however, from inside the cabin it is designed to essentially vanish. Please click on documents to see full test with numerous photos. Also check out reviews of current owners! in our testimonials and reviews sections.

How do GLASSSKINZ®Install?
The GLASSSKINZ®adhere to your rear glass with Genuine USA Made 3M brand OEM grade VHB tape . Rated -20 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit . The tape is pre installed and pre tabbed for quick installation. Primer 94 ampules are provided for more secure bond.

How do I clean the glass?
GLASSSKINZ® are designed not to be removed ,however, still allow you to clean the viewed through glass. Cleaning under the louvers is done with a glass cleaning arm or microfiber cloth and 20/20 glass cleaner. There is enough room for most people to fit their hand or a wand under the louver openings. Spot free water can also be used to clean the glass. Water flows out through the bottom of the louver.

GLASSSKINZ® offers a limited lifetime warranty on the part for defects in workmanship or material. 6 Month on paint. Paint Warranty: Clients that select the Extended Paint Warranty and have a claim will result in a $100 dollar reimbursement along with a free of charge re installation kit.
About Part


GLASSSKINZ® is more than just window louvers. It is an evolutionary «Rear Window Valance» as defined by the U.S. patent office. Derived from digitally scanned CAD data for precise fit and maximum rearward vision. GLASSSKINZ® has a very sleek lean profile from the side with an aggressive visual from behind. All our unique designs are asymmetrical and offer clear rearward vision with no obstruction. Glassskinz® is unlike the standard decades old louver designs which have substantial visibility limitations. (Click for NHTSA report)

GLASSSKINZ® are made of a durable high quality, made in USA, sun resistant, temperature stable, marine grade ABS with Acrylic cap. GLASSSKINZ® have a long-lasting no fade finish, are warp resistant, and do not MELT! in high temperatures like other offerings on the market. The GLASSSKINZ® parts will come out of the box READY TO INSTALL NO PAINT REQUIRED with a GLOSS BLACK UV stable finish which is ALSO a ready to paint surface, PRE PAINTED by us in OEM colors, or a variety of other custom finishes like matte black and satin black. Genuine USA made 3m panel bond tape is pre-installed and tabbed for easy fast installation. Personalize your GLASSSKINZ® with a wrap, custom paint, stripes, camo …the sky is the limit! GLASSSKINZ® unsurpassed quality speaks for itself. PROUDLY MADE IN USA! PROTECTED UNDER 5 USA patents with more that are pending.

Patents Page

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Torch for Challenger
by shawn b on June 03, 2024
Verified Purchase

Excellent addition to my car, the fit is exact , not bulky gives a sleek look to the body , install extremely easy , come in different styles and colors to fit your build…

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A new day is dawning in automotive styling led by Dare 2B Different!® Enterprises Inc. We all know the only constant in this world is change. Both evolutionary and revolutionary change bring about new things that often amaze us. GLASSSKINZ® is Dare 2B Different!® Enterprises Inc. latest design introduction . We have thrived upon these principals since 2004 developing unique niche market products with OEM or better quality.

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